How To Stop A Stuttering Problem

Published: 21st December 2006
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As we draw ever nearer to Christmas, the party season is getting into full swing with companies up and down the country enjoying their annual Christmas parties. Many people are revelling in the festivities, however for people who stutter this and in reality any form of socialising can be very stressful. In this article, I am going to write about how I managed to overcome a stutter, an achievment which has now enabled myself to also enjoy all of these celebrations to the full.

I found having a stutter as one huge frustration as I could actually talk quite well at times. When under any sort of pressure, when I was tired, when I felt I was in some kind of trouble and certain words beginning with certain letters were the areas where I really struggled to speak without this horrible stammer.

Many a time have I been standing at a bar unable to order a drink, I did however have a number of tricks such as pointing to a lager pump or by holding up three fingers to avoid having to speak the number three for example.

I also had a trick where I would avoid certain words and I would attempt to replace my hard words with one that I had more confidence in saying. These tricks did help me but I always knew that I was just accepting second best. Many people including national assocations told me that there was not a cure to stammering/stuttering but I just could not believe this as I knew that when I was drunk, I was as fluent as the next man.

I then decided to start my search for a stuttering cure. In my opinion quite a lot of it is in the mind, I had voices in my head which would tell me that I was going to stutter, I had to find a way to kill these demons. I did this eventually by reading a lot of confidence type books and by learning what it takes to be a success. People like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar have not got where they are by luck, there is something about the way they think and live. I needed to find what that something was.

I also knew that stuttering is also a physical problem, I had to learn and understand what I was doing physically wrong and of course then put it right. I did this by studying how fluent people spoke compared to the way that I did.

After nearly a year I managed to eradicate the stammer/stutter from my speech and I now help other people to do the same.

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