The Potential Deadly Affects Of Drinking Alcohol

Published: 06th December 2006
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Are you the type of person who loves to have a few pints of beer or a few glasses of wine at the weekend? Do you like to drink alcohol in the week as well as at the weekend? Are you aware of just how dangerous drinking alcohol can be? In this article I am going to write about my experiences with drinking alcohol and about how damaging the affects of alcohol can be.

I started to enjoy drinking alcohol when I was about sixteen years of age. From this age, I would attend local bars and clubs with my friends and I have to say that I really enjoyed doing this. Drinking this alcohol seemed to massively increase my confidence and self esteem levels, this was something which I used to find quite amazing. It also had another astonishing affect which was of huge benefit to myself, it enabled me to speak fluently. Now I am sure that most of you are thinking things like, so what you can talk fluently when drunk, whats the big deal in that? I however grew up with a speech impediment known as stammering/stuttering. Despite attempting many types of stuttering therapy I was unable to find any type of cure but at the age of about seventeen I realised that when I was very drunk I was able to speak free from this speech impediment. This led me to drinking on a much more regular basis as I loved to have that freedom of speech.

One of my friends who would attend our nights out on the beer as we called it, later in life had a rather nasty experience. In his early thirties he had now started to depend on alcohol to get him through each day. He was no longer drinking two or three times a week, he was now drinking alcohol seven days a week. His name is Pete and to say his life had been some what of a struggle would be an understatement. I am not going to go into details but lets just say that he has had it quite tough. Pete because of this and no doubt other reasons began to drink more and more often and also suffered with quite severe depression.

What made him even more depressed was the realisation that he was an alcoholic. It made him feel very ashamed and disgusted with himself. In the end he attempted to commit suicide, this attempt failed possibly due to the fact that he was drunk at the time.

Pete has now decided to fight this alcohol problem and is determined to succeed. The doctors have also told him that if he had or does continue to drink in the same way that he had been doing, that he was likely to have died from something like liver failure within ten years. Pete knows that this is one fight that he can not afford to lose.

My advice would be to enjoy the odd glass of wine or pint of beer but be careful not to become dependant on it etc.

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